Advice for glaucoma, dry eye and allergic ophthalmic patients during the COVID-19 pandemic

Tue 5 May 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact families, communities and businesses, healthcare systems are re-configuring to address the challenge. We understand you may be concerned about how your eye condition will be managed during this time. 

In some countries across EMEA, general, specialist and surgical ophthalmologists are preparing to support their medical colleagues and may be deployed to work in intensive or respiratory care units. Many non-urgent consultations and surgeries have been postponed, cancelled or will be conducted by phone or digital methods on the basis of a risk assessment performed by the ophthalmology clinical team. As always, it is recommended to not change the way that you use a medication or treatment without first consulting your healthcare professional. 

We are taking every possible step to maintain the supply of our medicines. Where challenges arise, such as being unable to obtain a prescribed medication, we recommend that patients contact their healthcare professional where possible, or seek support from local patient support groups or pharmacy teams.  

Document no: NP-No product-EMEA-0034
Date of preparation: April 2020